National Liberation Front of Corsica (France) or Corsican Separatist (FLNC) Political Islam, ISIS Islamic State, (ISIL / IS) Daesh (Daech / Daish), Al Qaeda in Europe. Terror / Terrorist Attacks in Paris, Brittany, Calais, Alsace-Lorraine, Charlie Hebdo, Normandy and Nice in France

National Liberation Front of Corsica (France) or Corsican Separatist (FLNC) Political Islam, ISIS Islamic State, (ISIL / IS) Daesh (Daech / Daish), Al Qaeda in Europe. Terror / Terrorist Attacks in Paris, Brittany, Calais, Alsace-Lorraine, Charlie Hebdo, Normandy and Nice in France

sunni vs shia europe

National Liberation Front of Corsica
Fronte di Liberazione Naziunale Corsu
Front de libération nationale corse
Flag of Corsica.svg
Active c. 1976 – present (splinter groups)
Ideology Corsican nationalism
Area of operations Corsica, France
French mainland
Allies Corsica Libera
Opponents France Government of France

The National Liberation Front of Corsica (French: Front de libération nationale corse; Corsican: Fronte di Liberazione Naziunale Corsu; abbreviatedFLNC) is a militant group that advocates an independent state on the island of Corsica, separate from France. The organisation is primarily present in Corsica and less so on the French mainland. A Conculta Naziunalista is often considered to be the political wing of the organisation.[1]

Typical militant acts by the FLNC were bombings aimed at public buildings, banks, tourist infrastructures, military buildings and other perceived French symbols, in addition to aggravated assault against individuals, armed bank robbery, and extortion against private enterprises through so-called “revolutionarytaxes“. The attacks were usually performed against buildings and the island’s infrastructures, but it was also not uncommon for the militant groups to have people as targets. The overwhelming majority of their attacks on the French mainland took place in or around the cities of Nice, Marseille and Avignon.[citation needed]


ISIS Islamic State (ISIL/IS) Daesh, Al Qaeda, Islam and Muslims in France

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In 2014,[2] and again in 2016,[3] the militant organisation announced the cessation of its armed struggle. Nevertheless, a number of splinter groups have so far emerged and are still active.[4][5][6]



ISIS Islamic State (ISIL/IS) Daesh, Al Qaeda, Islam and Muslims in France

In France. ISIS Islamic State – Daesh and Al Qaeda will conquer the Separatist Regions of France like Brittany, Normandy, Corsica, Basque Region and Alsace – Lorraine. ISIS Islamic State or Daesh will send a message to the Separatist ethnic groups like the Bretons, Normans, Corsicans and Basque will accept Islam and become Muslims. If the Mass conversion of those ethnic minorities of France to Islam, ISIS Islamic State or Daesh will go to these separatist regions to settle and help the separatists to achieve independence from France. But, there is more, ISIS Islamic State or Daesh will recruit other indigenous groups from the overseas French territories like the Arawaks from Martinique and French Guiana, the Micronesians from New Caledonia, The Metis from Canada and the Polynesians from Tahiti (in the Pacific). They must control Calais and the Channel Tunnel as the only route to Britain.

2) In Belguim, ISIS Islamic State – Daesh and Al Qaeda will annex Wallonia and Brussels, and they will bomb Flanders and Antwerp because the Flemish separatists are collaborating with the Shia (Shiite) Muslims, Iran and Hezbollah.



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