List of Sureños in Hip-Hop

List of Sureños in Hip-Hop


  • Lil Cuete (rapper)
  • Mr. Capone-E (rapper) –Sureño : San Gabriel Valley gang (Varrio Cyclones)
  • Mr. Criminal (rapper) Sureño : Silverlake Trece (SL 13) Gang, (Tiny Winos Click)
  • Mr. Sancho
  • Ms. Sancha
  • Royal-T
  • Mr. Shadow Woptown Krazies (Amici Park)
  • OG PlayBoy
  • Silencer
  • Conejo (Rapper) Harpys Gang (25th Street) with criminal ties to The Mexican-Mafia.
  • Joka boy (rapper) Compton Varrio Tortilla Flats
  • Lo Boy (Rapper) Sureño : Colonia Chiques 13 (Co Boys)
  • Biggie (Rapper) Sureño : Colonia Chiques 13 (Co Boys)
  • Sad Boy (Rapper) Sureño : Evilside 13 (Dukes clique)
  • Sckitzo Felonz (Rapper) Sureño : Avenues 13 (Lil Puppets)
  • Smiley Lowks (Rapper) Sureño : Hammerhead Playboys 13
  • Raidy G (Rapper) Sureño : Compton Varrio Tortilla Flats 13 (Pandelliros)
  • Creeper (Rapper) Sureño : Southside Lokotes 13 (Paramount)
  • Dusty (Rapper) Sureño : White Fence 13 (Krazy Villainz)
  • Duende (Rapper) Sureño : White Fence 13 (Soldados) with criminal ties to The Mexican-Mafia

Rap Groups

  • Brownside–(South Los Angeles – Sureños)
  • West Vallejo Tunes–(Multiple gangs – Upstate Sureños)

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