Islam: Atacama people the Indigenous Muslims of Atacama Desert and Altiplano, Northern Argentina and Northern Chile

Islam: Atacama people the Indigenous Muslims of Atacama Desert and Altiplano, Northern Argentina and Northern Chile


The Atacama people, known as atacameños or atacamas in Spanish and kunzas, likan-antai or likanantaí in the native language, are an indigenous people from the Atacama Desert and altiplano region in the north of Chile and Argentina and southern Bolivia.

According to the Argentinean Census in 2010, 13,936 people identified as first-generation Atacameño in Argentina,[2] while Chile was home to 21,015 Atacameño people as of 2002.[1]

Atacameño communities currently living in Argentina include:

Jujuy, Argentina
Salta province, Argentina
  • Comunidad Cerro Negro (de La Poma)
  • Comunidad Esquina de Guardia (atacama)
  • Comunidad de Tipan (atacama)
  • Comunidad lickan antay de corralitos (atacama)
  • Comunidad indígena atacama de Rangel (kolla-atacama)
Catamarca province, departamentos Antofagasta de la Sierra y Santa María

Atacameño communities currently living in Chile include:

Calama communities, Chile
  • Taira.
  • Lasana.
  • San Francisco de Chiuchiu.
  • Ayquina.
  • Caspana.
  • Yalquincha.
  • Likan Tatai.
  • Topater.
  • La Banda.
San Pedro de Atacama communities, Chile
  • Río Grande.
  • Machuca.
  • Matancilla.
  • Catarpe.
  • Quitor.
  • San Pedro de Atacama.
  • Yayé.
  • Tchecar.
  • Sequitor.
  • Larache.
  • Coyo.
  • Solor.
  • Solcor.
  • Toconao.
  • Camar.
  • Talabre.
  • Socaire.
  • Peine.

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