In the year 1978 as the Folk and People alliances became established in prison, there was a unity developed between the Latin Folk gangs on the north/northwest side of Chicago called the “United Latino Organization” (ULO). Which consisted of Spanish Cobras, Latin Disciples (MLD), Latin Eagles, and Imperial Gangsters. ULO was established to combat the still rapidly growing Latin King population and the LKs allies under the UPK (Unknowns Players Kings). It was also established to combat the white gangs threatening them such as the UFO (United Fighting/Five Organization). In the process of the formation of ULO, it was decided to create a new system for young future ULOs to pass through before becoming ULO, in which they called “Young Latino Organization” (YLO). YLO was originally set up as a training camp for ULO prospects. The young YLOs were about 10-14 years old and most of them wanted to be Cobras or Disciples. In 1978 the YLOs immediately began to gain recognition as some serious shorties, so much that within a year they began to pave their own path. In 1979, the YLOs attached more to their name they became the “Young Latino Organization Cobra Disciples” (YLOCD), all as one name. Their handshake even consisted of throwing up the snake and the pitchfork. The YLOCD then became a gang of their own and no longer took interest in joining MLD or ISC, they became happy with being YLO and no longer thought of it as some low rank within ULO; therefore, by 1979 YLO was now a full fledged gang under Folks known as the YLOCDs. Some time in the early 1980s, the YLOCD split into two gangs, one being the YLOCs who followed the Spanish Cobras and the other being YLODs following the Maniac Latin Disciples.


The YLOCs were founded and led by Negro-C, Javier-C, and Papo-C. The YLODs were founded and led by Chicky-D, KIKI (K-Dog), and Karate Freak. All throughout the 1980s the YLOCs and YLODs were two forces to be reckoned with and soon gained wide spread recognition by their enemies and friends on the streets and then in prison too. The YLO gangs remained united until the early 90s when ULO broke down and disintegrated on the streets. In 1991 as interralliance wars began sprout up on the streets of Chicago, the Spanish Cobras and Maniac Latin Disciples began to not see eye to eye on drug territory issues. Both gangs were very powerful and were bumping heads, they were both also disagreeing with the Imperial Gangsters who were also growing quite powerful. Eventually a three way war ensued between IG, ISC, and MLDs. The Latin Eagles at first too the MLDs side of the argument and joined the Maniac Familia created by the MLDs so did the YLODs. The Cobras created the Insane Familia which the YLOCs joined. ULO was then completely disbanded on the streets. Both YLO gangs remained united because they were both YLO until the fall of 1992. The problems actually began in the summer of 92 when the “SinCity” YLOCs were hanging out with IG and allowed the IG to paint the IG Gangster crown with the pitchforks upside down. The YLODs and MLDs saw this as disrespect by allowing IG to come paint that. The YLODs responded by coming to Sin City with MLDs and painting the diamond upside down and picking fights with YLOCs on Mozart and Courtland. Soon afterward by the fall of 92 YLOCs and YLODs were at war.



The Locations of the YLOD were submitted by a “member” of this organzation


. Cortland & Richmond

. Dickens & Hamlin “Death & Hell”

. Francisco & Wabansia

. Keystone & LeMoyne

. Keystone & Wabansia “Devils Playground”

Karlov & Wabansia “Paisa City”

. Palmer & Hamlin




. Armitage & Avers (Mozart Park)

. Fullerton & Springfield

. Wabansia & California


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