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The Latin Souls were founded in the year 1962 by Hector Sanchez “Pancho.”  In 1962 on the corner of 55th and Halsted and the entire Garfield Park area, the Black Stone Rangers were invading heavily and the black and Latino youths were angered by the Ranger invasion.  Pancho and King Wee got together and formed a gang that was divided in two parts, the Latin Souls and the Black Souls.  The Latin Souls were led by Pancho while the Black Souls were led by King Wee.  Both gangs hated the Rangers and fought side by side against the Rangers.  In 1966 the Black Souls joined the Black Disciple alliance under David Barksdale, thus separating themselves from the Latin Souls to a slight degree.  The Latin Souls could not join the BDN because they were Hispanic and not black, and the BDN was only for blacks.  The Latin Souls began to suffer in Garfield Park without full support of the Black Souls and no support of the BDN, and with the heavy attacks of the BPSN (Black P Stone alliance), the Latin Souls were hurting in Garfield Park.  In 1969 the Black Souls joined the BGDN alliance once Gangsters and Disciples aligned and the Latin Souls once again were the wrong race to join BGDN.  As a result the Latin Souls received less and less support from the Black Souls because of racial differences.  The Latin Souls began to evacuate Garfield Park due to the growing African American population.  In the early 1970s, the Latin Souls relocated to the Back of the Yards community which was beginning to experience heavy Latino migration. 

The Latin Souls soon found a new enemy, the Saints.  A war erupted between the Saints and the Latin Souls immediately which caused the Latin Souls to engage in full fledged gang banging.  The Latin Souls still retained some ties to King Wee and the Black Souls until King Wee was killed in 1975.  In 1975 Wayne Edwards AKA Jack Bobo became leader of the Black Souls and established the “Mad Black Souls” on the Westside of Chicago who mainly consisted of former Four Corner Hustler gang members.  As a result Jack Bobo consulted the Latin Souls and notified them of the new 440 concept that Black Soul had now adopted and that Latin Soul was to adopt; therefore, the 440 for Latin Soul was adopted in 1975.  In 1976 Jack Bobo was killed and Sam Mckay took over leadership of the Black Souls.  By 1978 the Black Souls chose not to be within Folk or People alliance because of their ties to BGDs and 4chs.  The Latin Souls then followed suit and did not join Folk or People and instead represented the SOUL family. Another reason for not picking an alliance was that several other gangs in the back of the yards community were not folks or people; therefore, there was no need to join either side.  By 1987 to 1988 many gangs in the Back of the Yards began to join Folk or People; therefore, Latin Souls joined Folks in 1987 or 1988. 

In the early 1990s Latin Souls became real tight Ambrose and Two Six.  In the year 1995 La Raza and Latin Souls went to war and shortly after Hector Sanchez died of a heart attack.  In 1999 the Latin Souls opened up shop in the Mount Greenwood area on 111th and Springfield, within no time they expanded all the way down to 103rd street and all the way down to Pulaski to Rockwell, which caused the Latin Souls to engage in war with the Satan Disciples and eventually the City Knights because CKs are family to SDs.  In 2001 key incarcerations of Lil Folks, Sir DKK, and Criminal G caused the Mount Greenwood sets to decline back down to 111th and Springfield where they still have a presence.  In 2001 Latin Souls opened up shop in Missouri, calling themselves the Latin Soul Crime Family.  They also opened shop in Texas and Florida.  In the year 2005 there were conflicts within the Souls that caused a divide which caused some sets to claim Maniac Latin Souls while others are Outlaw Latin Souls and others remain the original title of Insane Latin Souls. The Latin Souls have drastically reduced in number over the years but still exercise a presence.

Written by Zook

The Locations of the LATIN SOULS were submitted by a “member” of this organzation


Known Locations
. 49th & Hermitage “Chief Town”
. 49th & Marshfield “Murderfield”
. Alton,IL
. Deerfield Beach & Pompano Beach,Fl
. O’Fallon,St.Louis & Washington,Mo
. Jumperton,Ms
. El Paso,Tx
Former Known Locations
. 50th & Hermitage “Chief Town”
. 55th & Halsted
. 55th & Racine (Sherman Park)
. 57th & Trumbull (Senka Park)
. 63rd & Karlov
. 65th & Sacramento “Skinny Town”
. 111th & Homan
. Clinton,Nj

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