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The Insane Dragons started in 1964 in the East Village community by Caveman. The IDRs were started by the Latin Kings from Augusta and Kedzie. Due to internal disputes Caveman and other disbanded from the Latin Kings and formed the Insane Dragons and became enemies to the Latin Kings. The first set of IDRs was opened up on the corner of Sacramento and Walton. The IDRs from here put pressure on LKs and soon the LKs from Augusta and Kedzie disappeared because of the Dragons and also other problems. The IDRs soon opened shop near California St. which caused them to clash with the Maniac Latin Disciples. The IDRs also began to clash with the Imperial Gangsters from Western and Cortez, and Chi West from Chicago and Western (the motherland of Chi West). The IDRs also were warring with C-Notes in the 60s, 70s, and 80s because the C-Notes were a white supremacist at the time and did not like any Latino gangs. They were at war with the C-Notes from Smith Park.   The Insane Dragons joined the folk nation in 1978 (witness testimonies have claimed to have met and seen a gang calling themselves DRAGONS on the north side in the early to mid 80s that was aligned with the people alliance; upon further research it has been shown that these Dragons were not INSANE DRAGONS; however they may have had ties to the IDR, they may also have ties or might even have formed the LATIN DRAGONS on the south side. Currently we have no real LATIN DRAGON history or any history on these north side Dragons, if you have any information hit us up at


After the Dragons joined Folks they squashed their beefs with Maniac Latin Disciples and Imperial Gangsters. They also formed an alliance with the Spanish Cobras. In their neighborhood they were severely warring with Latin Kings, Spanish Lords, and Warlords right within their direct vicinity. Eventually the IDRs opened sets on Iowa and Campbell, and Fairfield and Augusta. The IDRs then began to gain even further territory that expanded into Humboldt Park. They soon took territory from Augusta to Chicago AVE, Western to California. The IDRs also were having increased conflicts with Chi West, they smashed the CWs and forced them to move to Damen and Chicago AVE. The IDRs were also conflicting with the Insane Campbell Boys in later years (earlier 1990s) from Augusta and Campbell. Also in later years during Folk Nation interalliance war time, the IDRs went back to war with the Imperial Gangsters. The IDRs took to corner of Cortez and Western from the IGs. In the early 90s (1993) the IDRs made an alliance with the C-Notes and convinced C-Notes to Join Folks and the Insane Familia headed by the Spanish Cobras which the IDRs are a part of too.



The Locations of the INSANE DRAGONS were submitted by a “member” of this organzation

. Palmer & Kilpatrick

. Augusta to Chicago Ave. ,Sacramento to Campbell

. Augusta Blvd. & Mozart “Dragons Pitt”

. Augusta Blvd. & Rockwell “The Rocks”

. Iowa Street, Western to California “Iowa Village”

. Iowa & Campbell “Vato Land”

. Walton & Sacramento


. Addison,IL

. Bensenville,IL

. Harvard,IL

. River Grove,IL


. Grand Rapids,Mi


Former Locations


. Chicago Ave. & Maplewood

. Diversey & Austin


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