The Two Six’s started in the Little Village community in the exact year of 1964.  They started out as a baseball team known as Two Sixers because they were from 26th street.  Some of the Baseball team members began to sell drugs in the community.  Around this same year Latin Kings began opening up more and more Southside territory that expanded into Little Village.  The Latin Kings were claiming area and selling drugs in the Two Sixer’s neighborhood.  When the Two Sixers were selling there the Latin Kings got mad and began harassing the baseball team (the Latin Kings were not the only gang giving them trouble but they were the main problem for the team).  Eventually fights would break out between LKs and the Two Sixers, which forced to Two Sixers to become a gang and recruit.  The Two Six first hood was Sawyer and 24th-23rd and territory on 26th street.  They then became known as the Two Six Boys and they didn’t have a lot of trouble recruiting because many young youths in the Little Village community were fed up with Latin Kings and other gangs.  They also fought Ambrose, Satan Disciples, Kool Gang, and Villa Lobos during the 1960s, and it gained them more and more rep.  In the early 1970s the Two Six’s began to recruit heavier.  In the late 1970s Two Six expanded into neighborhoods such as: Brighton park, Pilsen, and Back of the yards under the influence of a new leader David Ayala (Ayala was born in 1963, so he would have been very young, so he may not have been leader till early 1980s, if you know the truth about this hit us up at

In 1975 the Two Six’s joined the Folk nation, also around this time they joined the F.L.D.N (Familia Latino Disciples nation) which was the unity of six Latino street gangs in Chicago which included: Spanish Cobras, Satan Disciples, Imperial Gangsters, Latin Eagles, Two Six’s, and Latin Disciples.  So basically it was the unity of Latino Folk gangs for all around the city, while the United Latino Organization (ULO) only consisted of: Spanish Cobras, Imperial Gangsters, Latin Eagles, and Latin Disciples.  This unified Two Six with old enemies such as Ambrose and SD.  Two Six and Ambrose became first cousins and Two Six’s became real tight with GDs (BGD at the time) and SDs, and Two Six’s became known as Two Six Disciples.  They even tagged up TSD in their graffiti at this time.  The TSD was short lived then they became known as Gangster Two Six in order to honor the GDs. By the early 1980s the Two Six’s had a large presence, they had a presence at: Central park to Kostner/24th to 32nd, 4100 block of 25th street, a game room at 4012 W. 28th street, 2700 block of South Kedvale, and presence on Ridgeway.  They attended Eli Whitney Grade School, Corkery Grade School, Curie H.S., Gary Grade School, and Farragut H.S.  On October 16, 1981 18 year old David Ayala killed two Latin King gang members and in January 1983 he was sentenced to Life in prison.  He now resides at the Tamms correctional facility.

In 1988 or 1989 the SDs went to war with the Two Six’s because an SD killed a Darkside Two Six on the corner of 26th and Pulaski.  This war severely fractured the F.L.D.N.  The war started at a time when folks were more unified and interalliance wars were frowned upon; however, the war had to continue.  Throughout the 1980s and 1990s the Two Six’s have grown more and more, they are accredited as being the fastest growing gang in Chicago history.  In the early 1990s the Two Six’s began to open shop in Cicero, IL, and they soon became a major force in Cicero.  In the 1990s the two Six’s have had beefs with fellow Folk Nation gangs such as on and off beefs with Ambrose, and a really bad beef with the Two Two Boys that came form a party that Two Six’s crashed and shot up Ambrose and Two Two Boys.  The SD and Two Six war has become increasingly bloody in the 1990s because now Folk nation bylaws are not as heavily enforced on the streets as of 1991.  In 1996 the Two Six’s went to war with the Gangsters Disciples.  The Two Six’s are a very violent street gang that is well known for just shooting their enemies.  They have been known for this ever since the 1960s

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. Dark Side Two Six , 24th to 26th , Kostner to Pulaski. 24th & Karlov (Two Four Karlov)

. 25th & Keeler (Two Five Keeler)
. K-Town : 26th to 32nd , Kostner to Pulaski

. 27th & Keeler

. 27th & Tripp

. 28th & Kolin “Ghetto Side”

. 28th & Komensky

. 30th & Kedvale “No Love Side”

. 32nd & Karlov
. Chi-Town : 23rd to 33rd , Pulaski to Hamlin

. 24th & Avers

. 26th & Avers

. 27th & Avers

. 30th & Harding (Harding Two Six)

. 30th & Hamlin

. 30th & Lawndale

. 30th & Pulaski

. 31st & Avers
. Cicero,IL : (Parkholme Two Six)

. 16th to Cermak Rd. , Laramie to 51st ave.

. 18th & 51st

. 21st & 50th ct.
. Cermak Rd. to 26th , 51st ave. to Cicero Ave.

. 24th & 49th ave. (Two Fourz)
. 38th & Albany “Terror Town” (Albany Two Six)

. 38th & Francisco

. 46th & Mozart

. 47th & Damen (Damen Two Six)

47th & Albany- “No Love Ville”

. 63rd & Central (Central Two Six)

. 63rd & Knox
. 62nd to 67th (Marquette) , Pulaski to Kedzie

. 63rd & Hamlin

. 63rd & Homan “Homicide Town”

. 64th & Spaulding

. 67th & Kedzie

. 68th & Hamlin
. 69th & Lawndale

. 79th & Lawndale

. 159th & Wentworth , Calumet City,IL
. Berwyn,IL

. Glenview,IL

. Hanover Park,IL

. Joliet,IL “East Side J-Town” , Marion & Hunter

. Rock Island,IL

. Romeoville,IL

. Schaumburg,IL

. Villa Park,IL
. East Chicago,In

. Hammond,In

. El Paso,Tx

. San Antonio,Tx

Former Locations

. 24th & Millard

. 24th & Lawndale

. 24th & Sawyer

. 26th & Pulaski

. 26th & St.Louis

. 28th & Kostner

. 30th & Avers

. 46th & Albany

. 46th & Whipple

. 46th & Troy

. 59th & Rockwell

. 79th & Lavergne : Burbank,IL

. Addison & Major

. Sunnyside & Bernard

. Sunnyside & St.Louis

. Bensenville,IL

. Hoffman Estates,IL

. Lansing,IL

. Northlake,IL


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