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The Imperial Gangster story begins some time in the early 60s.  It started with a gang called the “Imperial Bachelors” that started on Palmer and Kedzie on Chicago’s northside.  The colors adopted by the Imperial Bachelors were black and pink.  The color pink was used because it signifies loyalty, respect, and pride.  IBz symbols were old English “B” with a top hat and non-curved cane. The Imperial Bachelors were headed by two individuals that were given the title of “Grand Bachelors,” one of the grand Bachelors was Bala B (Bala meaning “bullet”).   In the year 1969 the Imperial Bachelors from Logan square united with the Bachelors from west Humboldt Park, even though both factions still retained separate leadership.  The main stronghold for the Bachelors was Grand and Division (note. The name “Imperial Gangster” or “Imperial Spanish Gangster was not yet created by this time).  The two leaders of the Bachelors began to have disputes for power within the nation around the year 1975, which started a civil war within the IBN.  During this civil war, Bala B was killed.  In about the year 1976 half of the Imperial Bachelors changed their name to the “Imperial Spanish Gangsters” and completely broke away from the IBN, this intensified the war between the two gangs.


The war was very bloody and it
continued for about 2 years until the Imperial Bachelors lost the war and the ISGs were badly damaged.  The Imperial Bachelors were forced to close up shop while ISGs lived on, this occurred around 1978.  In 1978 the Imperial Spanish Gangsters merged with what was left of the Imperial Bachelors and named the merger the “Imperial Gangsters,” which happened around Cameron grammar school. Around this time or sooner the Imperial Gangster joined the Folk nation and also joined the ULO (United Latino Organization).  The Imperial Gangsters were led by “Flaco G” and “Casper G.”  The Imperial Gangsters adopted the rounded crown as their symbol after they got the idea from the Parkay butter crown found on Parkay butter products, it was said it was used to insult the Latin Kings.  The IGs also adopted the pink panther into their symbols as well, and the pitchfork to symbolize that they were folks.  Several Latin Kings flipped to IGs from Drake Street in the late 70s which led to the IGs regaining power.  In 1979 Casper G went to prison for attempted murder leaving Flaco G and “Baby Huey” in power.  In 1980 Baby Huey was locked up in prison on drug charges, eventually he died in prison.


In the summer of 1980 Flaco went to prison leaving “Spanky” in charge of the IGs.  By the end of 1980 Spanky went to prison for drug charges. After Spanky went to prison, “Cuba” took power real late 1980 to real early 1981.  Cuba then helped “Lil Mexico” form the Drake IGs leaving Lil Mexico in charge of the Drake IGs.  Cuba was the solo leader of the IGs until 1984, also around this time Casper G was re-arrested and sent back to prison.  “Lil Man” then took over as leader of the IGs in 1984 after Cuba went to prison.  Lil Man was leader till about 1987 or 1988 because he went to prison for killing a Latin King.  Afterward “Lefty G” took over as leader.  In 1988 or 1989, Flaco G was killed at a White Castle on the corner of Armitage and Kedzie.  In 1988 Lil Mexico was shot in the face by MLDs or SDs.  In the summer of 1992, Lefty G was killed by “Spaulding Boys,” which is a Latin King faction.  In 1995 or 1996 Casper G was killed on an EL-train near Fullerton.



. Altgeld & Harding

. Altgeld & Lavergne

. Altgeld & Parkside

. Armitage & Spaulding

. Belden & Drake

. Benard & Leland

. Deming & Leclaire

. Fullerton Ave. & Kimball “Gangster City”

. Fullerton Ave. & Lawndale

Kimball & Palmer- “Killa Park”

. Lyndale & Central Park “Paradise”

. Monticello & Leland “Murder Land”

. Palmer & Drake “Motherland”

. Wrightwood & Lavergne
. Belden City :

. Belden Street , Monitor to Parkside

. Devil Side :

. Fullerton Ave. to Wabansia , Central Park to Kedzie

. McLean & St.Louis

. Wabansia & Central Park

Dark Side

Kimball & Cortland

Dickens & Spaulding

Drake & Cortland
. Cameron City : Outlaws

. Grand to Cortland , Springfield to Monitcello

. North Ave. & Hamlin

. Springfield & Wabansia

. Franklin Park,IL : Mannheim Rd. & Crown Rd. “The Jungle”

. Melrose Park,IL : 19th & Armitage

. Mt.Prospect,IL

. Northlake,IL “King Arthurs Court”

. Palatine,IL

. Sterling,IL
. Hialeah, MiamI, Naples,Fl

. East Chicago,In : 139th st. “Killa Side / Tre 9”

. East Chicago,In : 149th st. “No Love City / 4-9”

. Hammond & South Bend,In

. Appleton,Beaver Dam,Kenosha,La Crosse & Milwaukee,Wi


. Bloomingdale & Marshfield (Walsh Park)

. Cortez & Western Ave.

. Cortland & Springfield

. Grand Ave. & Austin

. Grand Ave. & Division

. Hirsch & Hamlin

. Hirsch & Lawndale

. Kedzie Ave. & Wrightwood

. Paulina & Dean (Dean Park)

. Paulina & Milwaukee Ave.

. Sunnyside & Monticello

. 25th & Spaulding

. 45th & Spaulding “Lost World”

. 63rd & Rockwell

. 64th & Kedzie

. Arlington Heights,IL

. Bensenville,IL

. Cicero,IL

. Crystal Lake,IL

. Melrose Park,IL : 20th & Hirsch “H20”

. Zion,IL

Special Thanks to Iceman and Zook22 for the Historical Information for the Almighty Imperial Gangsters


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