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The Brazers started in the early 1970s in the Pilsen neighborhood.  They lived in the apartment buildings around 17th and Racine area, and they hung out at Dovark Park.  The Brazers were mainly a crew that enjoyed going to discos and night clubs and dressing in style.  They had many tough brawlers among them that knew how to fight. They wore the same colors as La Raza did and still does which are red, green, and white.  La Raza and Brazer kind of have the same meaning; however, the Brazers did not come from La Raza street gang and vice versa.  The Brazers soon were at war with Latin Kings, Halsted Boys, Morgan Deuces, and the Kool Gang.  The Brazers are said to have been led by Lalo in the early and mid-70s.  The Brazers never really established any allies in the Pilsen neighborhood probably because they felt they didn’t need help because they were such good fighters and didn’t fear much.  By 1976 enemy gangs were closing in on the Brazers fast and shooting at them, while the Brazers were not heavily armed.  The Brazers then moved up to the north side in 1981 or 1982, they also changed their colors to black and red when they moved up north (in Pilsen it was red, white, and green.  On the North side it was black and red.  Many prominent North side Brazers were: Choli, Chongo, Beto, and the Northside leader Tarzan who became leader when Brazers moved up north.  They relocated to Beacon and Leland, Chase Park, Lawrence and Paulina, Lawrence and Clark, Ashland and Ainslie by the early 80s.  In the year 1980 the Brazers joined the Folk Nation and they began tagging pitchforks in their graffiti. In the early 80s the Brazers befriended the Gangsters Disciples, Simon City Royals, and Latin Stylers; this basically prompted them to become folks in 1980.  They had wars with the Gaylords, Latin Kings, Vice Lords, and Kenmore Boys.  In the mid-90s the Brazers opened shop in East Rodgers Park.  The Brazers have never been that large in number and have declined over the years.  They mainly only operate on the corner of Morse and Wayne.

The Locations of the BRAZERS were submitted by a “member” of this organzation

MORSE AND WAYNE (Rogers Park Neighborhood) aka – Murder World
Milwaukee, Wis

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