VK.Com or VKontakte: The Alternative to Facebook and Twitter

VK.Com or VKontakte: The Alternative to Facebook and Twitter


Type of site
Social networking service
Available in 83 languages
Owner Vkontakte Ltd
Created by Pavel Durov
Revenue Rise RUB121.4 million (2013)[1]
Parent Mail.Ru Group
Website vk.com
Alexa rank Increase 13 (February 2017)[2]
Registration Required
Users 410+ million[3]
Launched October 10, 2006; 10 years ago
Current status Active

VK (VKontakte; Russian: ВКонта́кте, meaning InContact) is the largest European online social media and social networking service. It is available in several languages and is especially popular among Russian-speaking users. VK allows users to message each other publicly or privately, to create groups, public pages and events, share and tag images, audio and video, and to play browser-based games.[4] It is based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

As of January 2017, VK had at least 410 million accounts.[5] VK is ranked 13 (as of February 2017)[6] in Alexa‘s global Top 500 sites. It is the most popular website in Russia.[7] According to SimilarWeb, VK is the 4th most popular website in the world.[8] As of October 2016, VK ranked as the second most popular social networking website in Israel,[9] after Facebook.


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