The Indigenous Hispanic Latino Muslim and Immigrant Muslim Rules in Latin America

The Indigenous Hispanic Latino Muslim and Immigrant Muslim Rules in Latin America


A. For the Indigenous Muslims and converts in Latin America:

1) They must learn Arabic, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish

2) They can still use Native Languages for encrypted communication

3) Hate Mushrik Kuffar Creoles and Mestizo Crusaders

4) Learn the Basics of Islam within 20 years or 2 generations

5) Bury their ancient monuments and artifacts; plant landmines; contaminated with Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, Uranium and Plutonium; Destroy Access Roads and Maps; Declare as OFF LIMITS for outsiders; and execute Explorers and researchers

6) Stop Gambling, Alcohol and Pork

7) Start to wear Muslim Clothing with Indigenous Textiles and Fabrics

8) Start using Muslim Names

9) Use Taqiya against Crusaders

B. For the Muslims Immigrants in Latin America:

1) Translate the Quran into Native Languages

2) Do not repeat the Mistakes of the Europeans

3) Declare the legendary Indigenous Leaders like Lautaro and Galvarino as Muslim Leaders and Jihadist Heroes

4) The Indigenous Rebellions against the Europeans during Colonial Times must be label as JIHAD


5) The Indigenous People who died during the Colonial Invasion like the Tainos must be called as Muslim Martyrs

6) Declare that Islam came before Columbus and NEVER call them Indians

7) Convert all the Indigenous Peoples to Islam within 50 years

8) Make and redesign the traditional Indigenous Clothing to make it longer and more covered especially in the head

9) Make Halal Recipes and Menus with Native ingredients

10) Build MORE Mosques in the Indigenous Communities as possible

11) Build Schools and Hospitals in the Indigenous Communities

12) Learn the Languages of the Indigenous Peoples

13) Train Indigenous Persons to become Imams

14) Export the Indigenous Peoples to Middles like Mecca, Medina, Iraq and Syria.

15) Marry Indigenous Women

16) Invite more Muslims to come to Latin America and help the Indigenous Communities toward Islam

17) Use Taqiya against Crusaders

18) Combine Indigenous Laws with Sharia Law

19) Train the Indigenous Peoples in Basic Weapons Training and Combat Guerilla Warfare Training.

20) Teach the Indigenous Peoples to speak and write Arabic.

21) Plan Muslim-Funded Indigenous Rebellions across Latin America with enough Fund, Muslim personnel and guarantee of support and aid from the Muslim countries.

22) Turn their Indigenous Lands into fortresses and booby traps to start a Jihad in Latin America

23) Muslims must use Indigenous Leadership titles like Cacique, Kaloomte, Ajaw, Sapa, Capac, Lonko and Toki rather than Caliph, Sultan, Emir and Khan

24) Send Indigenous Muslim converts from Latin America to Andalus (Spain) to send a strong message against the Spanish Colonial Crusaders.

25) Build Mosques inspired from the Indigenous Architectural designs like the Maya and Inca

26) Avenge the Indigenous Muslims of Latin America if they being attacked by Mestizos and Europeans by attacking Europe especially UK, France, Spain and Portugal

27) Give vaccines to remaining un-contacted indigenous peoples of Latin America to prevent them dying off due to their no resistance to Modern Diseases.


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