it is said that the BATANGAS VARSITARIAN has composition and type of Batangas, our first rumble was held here in Batangas at the year 1969 13th of October against the combine strength of the ETA ZETA, ALPHA PHI OMEGA and the SIGMA LAMBDA EPSILON and it is the cause of death of our dear brother LUISITO BANAAG our senior of Calero. Our brother was composed of 8 men while there were 21 of the enemy. Lord High LAZARO MALVAR was there too, and also wounded. Because of these the names of the other fraternities and it’s reputation was destroyed in the eyes of many people, because they thought that fraternities are for good moral and strong brotherhood and not for any other reason back in that statement that when they left B.V. 2 members went in the chapter in Alangilan and went back in the fight composing of 5 strong men and fight back against the enemy. And the enemy were defeated in the riot, by then BATANGAS VARSITARIAN became the strongest organization on Region IV.


The BATANGAS VARSITARIAN FOUNDATION INC.(“BVFI”, for short)registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 17, 2003.BVFI is the realization of the dreams nurtured by a group of young Batanguenos who first got together when they were taking up their college education in the university belt. finding a common bond in the province of their birth, they decided to enlist succeeding generations of young Batanguenos studying in Metro Manila to work together, initially to fulfill the wishes of their parents by finishing their studies which eventually led to informal but regular meetings after college, to discuss ways and means to help out their less fortunate province-mates.

Through the relentless and untiring effort of one of its founders Carlos A. Bathan, (also known as KUYA CALOY), the BVFI was born. Initially funded at One Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php100,000.00), fifteen selfless and hardworking individuals from Batangas gave birth to BVFI as they incorporated and provided the initial funds for the organization. These are:

1. Fernando J. Mitra
2. Jose Bicol
3. Reynaldo Ilagan
4. Armando Tejero
5. Zoilo Enriquez
6. Enrico Abrenica
7. Jose Samson
8. Noel Tasico
9. Andres Vanguardia
10. Teodulo Landicho
11. Nenita Macario
12. Cesario Ilagan Jr.
13. Marcelino Magpantay
14. Ernesto Vergara
15. Carlos A. Bathan

In recognition of the fact that the galvanizing factor in the establishment of the BVFI was principally because of one individual, Carlos A. Bathan was elected by the duly contituted Board of Trustee as its Chairman. The fourteen other individuals who incorporated BVFI now sits as trustee.

To conclude this short background, it is well to point out the unlike most other start-ups, BVFI is not earnest effort performing its primary mandate as enumerated in the charter that the government has granted it, and that is, TO HELP PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE AND COMMON GOOD OF THE PEOPLE OF BATANGAS.


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