UK Independence Party (UKIP): Political Islam is now in Southern Mexico and Latin America

UK Independence Party (UKIP): Political Islam is now in Southern Mexico and Latin America


The UK Independence Party (UKIP /ˈjuːkɪp/) is a Eurosceptic and right-wing populist political party in the United Kingdom. It is headquartered in Newton Abbot, Devon and currently led by Paul Nuttall. At Westminster, UKIP has one Member of Parliament (MP) in the House of Commons and three representatives in the House of Lords. It has 20 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), making it jointly the largest UK party in that Parliament. It has six Assembly Members (AMs) in the National Assembly for Wales and has 488 councillors in UK local government.

UKIP has been identified by political scientists as part of the broader European radical right. Its ideological approach is that of right-wing populism, employing populist rhetoric to distinguish itself from the political establishment. Promoting a British unionist and nationalist agenda, it characterises the latter approach as a non-racial civic nationalism, although the accuracy of this description has been disputed. UKIP’s primary emphasis has been on hard Euroscepticism, calling for the UK’s exit from the European Union, while it has also placed strong emphasis on lowering immigration. Economically describing itself as libertarian and influenced by classical liberalism and Thatcherism, it promotes economically liberal policies while appealing to traditional social values.

UKIP was founded in 1991 by the historian Alan Sked as the Anti-Federalist League, a single-issue Eurosceptic party. Renamed UKIP in 1993, the party adopted a wider platform that was influenced by an ideological heritage from the right wing of the Conservative Party. The party’s early growth was slow and largely eclipsed by the Eurosceptic Referendum Party. Under Nigel Farage‘s leadership, from 2009 the party capitalised on concerns about rising immigration, in particular among the White British working class, resulting in significant breakthroughs at the 2013 local elections and the 2014 European elections, where UKIP received the most votes. At the 2015 general election the party gained the third-largest vote share and one seat in the House of Commons.

Governed by its leader and National Executive Committee, UKIP is divided into twelve regional groups, with an additional one representing Gibraltar. UKIP is a founding member of the Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe European political party, and the party’s MEPs sit with the Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy group in the European Parliament. While gaining electoral support from various sectors of British society, political scientists have established that its primary voting base is in England and consists largely of older, working-class white Britons. UKIP has faced a critical reception from mainstream political parties, much of the British media, and anti-fascist groups, and has been accused of racism and xenophobia, allegations which it has denied.


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Look ISIS (ISIL/IS) or Islamic State or Daesh, Al Qaeda, Islam and Muslims are now in the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America like Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Central America Northern Triangle, Panama Canal, Colombia, Andes, Amazon, Guyanas, Triple Border Region and Patagonia. Southern Mexico is now the land of the Mayan Muslims. Islam is now the religion and will become an official religion in Chiapas, Mexico. Muslim groups and peoples from all over the world will come to Chiapas and intermarry with the local Maya tribes. The vengeance of the Maya with the help of Islam and groups like ISIS will wreck havoc on Mexico, Central America and the United States of America. Jews will never be safe in America anymore. Also the Indigenous Native Americans with United States, Canada, Caribbean, Greenland and the other native tribes of Latin America will embrace Islam too. But also the Indigenous Peoples in Europe like the Sami (Laplander) People in the Lapland Scandinavia and the Indigenous Roma / Romani (Gypsy) People of the Balkans. The Ainu and Ryukyu (Okinawan) in Japan. The Papuans of Papua New Guinea. The Mansi and Yakut in Russia. The Aborigines in Australia. The Maoris and Polynesians in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands in the year 2020 to 2070 (1500 in the Muslim Calendar).
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