Song of Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity or APO

Song of Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity or APO


Toast Song

Here’s to Alpha Phi Omega,
Loyal brothers/sisters we.
True to self and to each other,
Firm in loyalty.
Daily working, daily striving,
Ever more to be
Here’s to Alpha Phi Omega,
Our fraternity/sorority.
Brothers/Sisters clasp the hands of brothers/sisters,
Strong the circle we
Ever mindful, ever serving
All humanity.
Now we raise our grateful voices,
In our song to thee,
True to Alpha Phi Omega,
May we always be.

1. The Toast Song is the official fraternity song. It is usually sung at the end of all fraternity functions (meetings, ceremonies, conferences, etc.) to the tune of “Alma Mater.”
2. The lyrics to the first verse of this song were created in 1925 by Dale Bartlett of APO USA Omicron chapter at The University of Iowa. The second verse was written by Robert Northwood of APO USA Epsilon Mu at the University of Maryland and were adopted as part of the Toast Song at the US National Convention in 1964.
3. The APO USA National Fraternity acknowledges the importance of Brotherhood among all people. In 1976, the APO USA National Fraternity overwhelmingly voted to include women among its Brothers as full Members thus reference to “brother/s” means both men and women. In the Philippines, Brother/s is substituted with “Sister/s” at sorority functions.</span>


Service Song

(Tune: Auld Lang Syne)
Let’s raise our voices in a song
And sing our praise of thee,
For Leadership and service, too,
We’ll drink a toast to thee.
To nobler cause we’ll bind our lives
We’ll serve in friendships name
To bring to Alpha Phi Omega
Everlasting fame.



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