Maute – ISIS Islamic State and Al Qaeda (ISIL /IS/ Daesh) Franchise group and Marawi Siege of Islam and Muslim in the Philippines in Southeast Asia – Pacific


PUERTO PRINCESA, PALAWAN, PHILIPPINES – 2016/06/28: Palawan Tribe Boy with Python – The Palawano indigenous tribe, also known as the Palawan or the Pala’wan, are an ethnic group in Palawan in the Philippines. Palawanos have not been very assimilated into Filipino society and few speak Tagalog. Typically they keep to themselves in the mountains. Palawanos are vulnerable because they lack basic education even today. The Palawano diet is made up of cassava, rice, bananas, breadfruit, wild pig, fruit and freshwater fish. (Photo by John S Lander/LightRocket via Getty Images)

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