Camiguin Hymn

Camiguin Hymn

(Official Hymn of Camiguin Province)

Unto thee Camiguin High, we raise our praises loud,

To what extent our pride is of thee,

See in our smiling faces,

Unto thee Camiguin High, we are grateful and true

For all the things you have unfurled,

In our tender mind,

The knowledge the truth and everything to us,

You have given

All these to mankind we share,

For sharing is divine,

To make this place a little haven,

A better place to live in,

This is our commitment,

To Camiguin High Our Alma Mater,

Whether we tread in lowly path,

Or stride a pump of glory,

Whether wear crowns of thorns on our heads,

The seed of knowledge and the truth,

In our minds you embued,

This we shall always uphold,

This we shall always cherish,

Unto thee Camiguin High,

In silence we say our nightly prayers,

That we will take up to the end,.

Your teaching of yesteryears

Unto thee Camiguin High

We raise our praises loud


For all the things


About Koan

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