LA Mara Salvatrucha MS 13 Worldwide Gang Expansion

LA Mara Salvatrucha or MS 13 Gang is the Largest, Most Brutal, Violent, deadliest, merciless, Ruthless, Fastest Growing, Most Vicious and Dangerous International Gang in the World like the New Organized Crime Criminal Syndicate Group and the New mafia Empire.  The Strength and Numbers now at:


10,000 MS 13 Gang members & Associates in United States like California, illinois, Pensylvania, Massachusettes, Tennesse, Washington, Alaska, Virginia, Nevada, Nebraska, Ohio, florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Washington DC, Maryland and other 43 US States;

and 5,000 MS 13 Gang members & Associates in Canada like Bristish Columbia and Ontario.

50,000 MS 13 Gang members & Associates in Mexico, Central America and Latin America.

And from 100,000 to 700,000 MS 13 gang members; and now more than one million Mara Salvatrucha MS 13 International Gang members, Allies, Wannabes & Associates WORLDWIDE!!!!

Mara Salvatrucha (MS 13) is now in (in the Latest 2010 Update):

Asia (Philippines, Malaysia, Mongolia, Kazakstan, bhutan, tibet, cambodia, laos, vietnam, Taiwan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, uzbekistan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Armenia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Mynmar, Korea, Japan, & China.)

Pacific and Oceana (Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, papua New Guenea, Samoa, Tonga, Saipan, Marianas, Palau, Guam, and etc.)

Europe (Spain, France, Portugal, Holland, Germany, poland, Belarus, malta, Moldova, Russia, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech, Rep, Slovakia, Iceland, Britain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Iceland, Vatican, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, kosovo, Albania, Finland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Austria, Greece, and others.)

Carribean (Puerto Rico, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican, Rep and others.)

Americas; North America (Canada, United States of America or USA, Greenland, and Mexico.)

Central America (like Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, & Costa Rica.)

South America,( like Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uraguay, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, & Venezuela.)

Middle East ( Kuwait, Turkey, UAE, Yemen, Oman, Syria, Cyprus, Jordan, Qatar, Israel, Suadi, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and etc. due US Military Activities and Gangs in the American military) &

Africa (Congo, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, South Africa, Somalia, kenya, Tanzania, Serra leone, Liberia, Angola, Carmeroon, Nigeria, and etc.)

And from 100,000 to 700,000 MS 13 gang members; and now more than one million Mara Salvatrucha MS 13 International Gang members, Allies, Wannabes & Associates WORLDWIDE!!!!

MS 13 is now in the Global Expansion through the Internet and Cyberspace!!


About Koan

Look ISIS (ISIL/IS) or Islamic State or Daesh, Al Qaeda, Islam and Muslims are now in the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America like Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Central America Northern Triangle, Panama Canal, Colombia, Andes, Amazon, Guyanas, Triple Border Region and Patagonia. Southern Mexico is now the land of the Mayan Muslims. Islam is now the religion and will become an official religion in Chiapas, Mexico. Muslim groups and peoples from all over the world will come to Chiapas and intermarry with the local Maya tribes. The vengeance of the Maya with the help of Islam and groups like ISIS will wreck havoc on Mexico, Central America and the United States of America. Jews will never be safe in America anymore. Also the Indigenous Native Americans with United States, Canada, Caribbean, Greenland and the other native tribes of Latin America will embrace Islam too. But also the Indigenous Peoples in Europe like the Sami (Laplander) People in the Lapland Scandinavia and the Indigenous Roma / Romani (Gypsy) People of the Balkans. The Ainu and Ryukyu (Okinawan) in Japan. The Papuans of Papua New Guinea. The Mansi and Yakut in Russia. The Aborigines in Australia. The Maoris and Polynesians in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands in the year 2020 to 2070 (1500 in the Muslim Calendar).
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