The Tau Gamma Leadership Principles

The Tau Gamma Leadership Principles


1. A Triskelion leader never desire to lead but to serve.
2. Triskelion leaders are original.
3. Triskelion leaders grow leaders.
4. Triskelion leaders lead themselves first; in doing so, they inspire others.
5. Triskelion leaders are God-centered.
6. Position doesn’t make a man a leader; True Triskelion Courage does.
7. Leadership demands personal sacrifice.
8. Triskelion leaders are independent and tactical thinkers, they master, control and discipline themselves.
9. Triskelion leaders are never intimidated.
10. Triskelion leaders know who they are.
11. Triskelion leaders are constantly seeking for wisdom and knowledge. Therefore if you desire to be a great and effective leader, you must give yourself to the study and never graduate from the University of Life.

12. Triskelion leaders speak their knowledge at the right time, in the right words, to the right person.
13. Triskelion leaders know where to draw strength. For years and years I used to pray for strength but never received an ounce of it. Why? Because all the strength I ever needed are already in me.
14. Triskelion leaders are not afraid of rejection and criticism. They are not discouraged by them.
15. A Triskelion leader’s life becomes the property of those he serves.
16. Leadership is the ability to control knowledge and power.


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