The Qualities of a Good Triskelion.

The Qualities of a Good Triskelion.



1) Moderation in action, thought or feelings. We are reminded of the letter L in the Code of Conduct.

2) Accountability and trustworthiness. We must be responsible and held accountable for all our actions.

3) Honesty, morality and uprightness. We must be true to ourselves and to the ideals that we stand for and must

be genuine to others that we serve.

4) Renunciation of self for the sake of others. With self-denial, we are encouraged to give something without

expecting anything in return, not only for the sake of our brothers and

sisters but also for the sake of others.

5) Wisdom and understanding. We are constantly reminded to seek wisdom because it is only through knowledge

that we can understand the people and the world around us.

6) Unblemished and flawless. We must live and lead by example for how do we expect others to follow if we are

immoral and corrupt.

7) Devotion and allegiance to God and Fraternity. A sacred duty to serve God, first and foremost, and the

Fraternity bind us. For without God and the Fraternity, we are nothing.

8) A Triskelion is Pure, sacred and whole. Our intentions must be transparent to all and clear to everyone, and above all

personal motives and self-serving ambitions.

9) A Triskelion is Tolerant, impartial and compassionate. We do not profess to have a monopoly of ideas and ideals.

We must respect the feelings and the rights of others.

10) Love of country. We cannot turn a deaf ear to the needs and aspirations of our country and people for we are the people.


About Koan

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